Pipetting Samples


Yapan Bio is located at Genome Valley, Hyderabad, India, a state-of-the-art systematically developed R&D and clean manufacturing cluster.

Facility Overview

  • Designed as per the:

    • Global GMP expectations/guidelines

    • Multi-product processing

    • Appropriate Biosafety and cleanliness classification

    • Appropriate safety and waste handling

  •  With segregation between:

    • Organisms, products and/or technologies

    • Processing steps (e.g. upstream & downstream operations)

    • Components or equipment at different stages of cleanliness


  • Utilizing adoption of:

    • Modular construction

    • Use of disposables (Single use)

    • Unidirectional-flow to the extent possible



Facility includes two suites:

Suite 1

  • Designed for up-to BSL-2 level products

  • Positively pressurized clean rooms

  • Class C  for Process area

  • Class A/B for Final Filtration and Filling

  • Area segregation into

  • Material staging, Media/Buffer preparation, Seed, Upstream, Downstream, Cell Bank Room, Freezer Room, and Fill-Finish

  • Two downstream rooms for step separation

  • Attached fill finish area with semi-automatic liquid filling in vials

Suite 2 

  • Designed for high containment requirement products (infectious agents: BSL-2+)

  • Negatively pressurized clean room with once through system

  • Class C for Process area

  • BIBO HEPA filter bank in the Class C area for exhaust air

  • Decontamination Autoclave and fumigation Pass Box & Material Airlock

  • Personnel Exit equipped with body shower