Yapan Bio is a Contract Process Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) serving the needs of the biotechnology industry, globally. 
Yapan Bio provides robust process development, appropriate scale-up and complaint GMP manufacturing of Vaccines and Biologics/Bio-therapeutics for human clinical trials across the world. 
Capabilities at Yapan includes development and GMP facilities for high containment product classes (up to BSL-2+).
The team at Yapan includes professional with proven track record and execution skills at top companies in the Industry.
Based at Genome Valley in Hyderabad (India): A major hub for the Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical industry. 




To be the preferred collaborative partner to the global biotechnology and biopharma companies for successful development of Vaccines and Biologics/Bio-therapeutics through world-class Research and Development combined with efficient and compliant manufacturing services.

We will provide customized high-quality integrated services to our partners. We strive for total customer satisfaction and leadership in CDMO services globally, through excellence in process and manufacturing technologies, based on world-class Research and Development.







The team of professionals at Yapan Bio have a proven technical and leadership track record along with relevant significant experience at the top companies in the industry. The team members have developed and manufactured multiple products in both innovators as well as service provider roles. We know and understand our customers’ needs well and work with them in a collaborative manner to develop successful products.  



We provide services to develop and manufacture high-quality Vaccines and Biologics/Bio-therapeutic, to support global biotechnology and biopharma companies, meeting customer satisfaction in compliance with Quality, Regulatory and GMP expectations.

Yapan Bio’s focus and expertise is in the niche and high potential areas of Vaccines and Biologics/Bio-therapeutics. Yapan Bio’s facility operates at biosafety level - two (BSL-2) and biosafety level - two Plus (BSL-2+), a containment metric that allows Yapan Bio to work with infectious materials that are used in highly nice and differentiated areas like Vaccines and Gene Therapy.     


  • Recombinant Vaccines (Protein antigens, Virus Like Particles, Nano-Particles etc.)
    RNA/DNA Vaccines
    Whole Cell and Live (attenuated) Vaccines 


  • Gene Therapy

    • Oncolytic Viruses

    • Vectors (Viral, Non-viral Plasmid, Naked DNA) etc.

  • Monoclonal Antibodies

  • Therapeutic proteins and other complex biologics